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The heart of Rome is not just the Colosseum: discover Trullo neighbourhood

If we go beyond the acclaimed side of Rome – the beautiful but also too touristy city center – we are able to discover the real heart of the capital.

There are neighborhoods in Rome, far away from the Colosseum, where you can feel the sense of community: people knocking on doors to ask for that ingredient missing for the pie, mums ‘shouting’ from a window to another to talk, kids still playing football around the street.

Life is simple, everyone knows each other as a big family.

trullo roma

Discover Trullo neighbourhood: The unordinary ordinary

I did not grow up in Trullo but I spent enough time to get to know and appreciate It.

There Is something unordinary in the ordinary every day life. It may sound weird but I swear I can explain It to you.

Here you don’t dry the laundry outside your balcony because no one has It. You go down to the communal patio and hang them together with all others….hoping that anyone will like your new t-shirt.

Just kidding! The truth is that a specific rope belongs to a particular person that inherited it from the mom.

If you need an electrician, doctor, hairdresser but don’t know who you should call… there are people who knows people that will give you the ‘right’ suggestion and of course, it will be a relative of their family.

Talking about family? Most of members living here have some kind of family connection, based on roots more than blood but still with the same value.

Generosity is a genuine gesture made every day, in every situation. Houses are never too small to host half of the neighbors to watch together a football match, food is always enough to add an extra person, problems don’t seem so big with a community supporting you.

Discover the Trullo neighbourhood: The artistic revolution

This suburb has begun popular since few years with its artistic revolution made of colors and poetry.

An anonimous group of painters and poets of the area decided to transform the place where they live with art. From day to night locals could wake up with a murales on the facade of their houses, without any notice.

Despite that, anyone complained about those unexpected art works. They were so much acclaimed that new ones started to appear all over the district along the main roads.

trullo roma

The huge success of the guerilla painting made famous street artist come to the hood to leave a sign. Today we can see artwoks of Solo, Crazy Diamonds, Bol23, well-known in the roman scene.

The power of the community has been the key of the rebirth of a – not anymore – grey district in the suburb of Rome… making it precious.