honey: how to find promo codes

How to find promo codes: Use Honey to save money

How many times during online shopping, you noticed that little space ‘Enter promotional code’ at check-out time?

And how much time you spent hoping to find the secret code to apply, on blogs?

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honey: how to find promo codes

Thanks to Honey, the new extension of the Google Chrome browser, find promotional codes will be easier and faster.

How Honey works?

Honey, while you are adding items in the cart in any online shop, will scan automatically your shopping and look for any offer or promotional code available, for you.

To install the extension, you only need to click on the invitation and download the app.

This will be add it to your browser as a small icon with an ‘h’, on the right side of the search bar. On Safari, It will appear on the left side of the search bar.

How to use Honey?

This is the fun part! To use Honey, you just have to shopping online, as usual.

When Honey detects promotions or discount codes to apply, the H logo will turn orange, with a number on it.

The number in green shows the quantity of discount codes appliable on the website. At this point, click on the icon and choose ‘Apply coupon’.

Honey Gold

When you create an account with Honey, you are also included in the reward program Honey Gold.

Honey Gold reward program will make you collect Gold points each time you shop on the affiliate partners’ website as Udemy, Ebay, Groupon etc.

If the website you are buying from is included in the program, you will see a G (below picture).

honey app: how to save money with promo codes

Reach the 1.300 gold points and get Gift cards with 10 $/$ value.

This option is available only in United Kingdom, Australia and United States.

Download Honey